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  • Craig Underhill

    Craig Underhill

    I use mark making and drawing techniques to create rich, painterly surfaces on slab built vessel forms that suggest landscapes.

    Maker's Story

    Craig Underhill is an established ceramicist with a strong painterly aesthetic.

    He studied Fine Art and Ceramics at Portsmouth Polytechnic and his exhibited work includes solo and group shows at galleries in London and St. Ives.

    The Process

    I prefer the softer surface that is achieved by using my hands to make a slab, as opposed to the harder and flatter finish achieved with a slab roller.

    Texture is added to the soft slab of clay. Simple wooden tools are used to draw lines into the surface.

    The vessel form is built up using sections of clay. I generally work on a group of 4 or 5 pieces at the same time.

    Previous Exhibitions

    The Painted Vessel, Hay Festival Exhibition

    19 May - 30 Jun, 2018

    Image Source: Craig Underhill