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  • Kyra Cane

    Kyra Cane

    There are remnants in these vessels of the vast landscapes which have always been my inspiration.

    Maker's Story

    Kyra Cane is an established potter, ceramics lecturer and Bloomsbury author. Her work ranges from small textured pots to large thrown pieces that are inspired by the landscape and weather patterns.

    Kyra studied Ceramics at the Camberwell School of Art and went on to achieve her Art Teachers’ Certificate at Goldsmiths College.

    Her exhibited work includes solo and group shows at galleries in London, Hamburg, Paris and Beijing. Her studio is based in Welbeck. And it’s here in the “quiet spaces” that her passion for clay, pots and drawing all come together.

    The Process

    I use a wheel because the immediacy of ones response to actions demands undivided attention, the speed at which decisions are made remains a constant challenge.
    At every stage of making I try to capture something of the freedom I find in throwing.
    Making for me is also about working with risk, surfaces react to the slightest touch, traces of hand and tool remain, bowls move and twist, materials melt and fuse.

    Previous Exhibitions

    The Painted Vessel, Hay Festival Exhibition

    19 May - 30 Jun, 2018

    Image Source: Kyra Cane