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  • Simon Hulbert

    Simon Hulbert

    From Jingdezhen: Simon Hulbert’s New Porcelain Collection

    Jingdezhen has been a centre of porcelain production for over 2000 years. Over the past decade Jingdezhen has been part of a vibrant ceramic renaissance, with local and international ceramic designers traveling to Jingdezhen to study, learn, research and collaborate with artisans and craftsmen and women in order to create new exciting work.


        Hand engraving into onglaze enamel        Production thrower using porcelain

    Established ceramic artist Caroline Cheng felt so inspired by the “Porcelain Capital” that she opened The Pottery Workshop in one of Jingdezhen’s ancient ceramic factories. A beautiful space designed and originally managed by UK potter Takeshi Yasuda that houses design studios, workshops and galleries.

    Simon Hulbert’s Porcelain Collection

    Simon’s Porcelain Collection was created during a recent residency at 'The Pottery Workshop' in Jingdezhen.           





    Simon was 'hooked' after his first visit and over the next few years made multiple trips to Jingdezhen and gradually developed a range of small porcelain pots, a complete contrast to his normal production of large scale terracotta he makes in Hay-on-Wye.

    Chinese porcelain has very beautiful and particular qualities which Simon enhanced with the use of glazes and graphic brush strokes that capture the energy of traditional Chinese calligraphy.


    The work he produced was in two styles. The soft super smooth and intense jade white porcelain with powerful sometimes abstract brush marks and the red stamps referencing the typical signatures found on Chinese art and calligraphy.
    With smooth minimal contours and a soft overall finish the work exudes a subtle, understated sense of intimacy and the tactile experience is intrinsic to appreciating the work.


     The second series used a different porcelain and the surfaces were decorated with impressed and raised stamps with appropriated Characters such as 'double happiness' or a simple Chinese star. The surfaces are deliberately undulating and show marks and 'throwing lines 'from the making process. 

    This is emphasised by the rich copper red glaze which in this case is unique to Jingdezhen.

    The series contains over 100 beautifully presented, functional pieces designed to be used and enjoyed as objects that enhance the rituals and ceremonies of everyday life. 

    Image Source: Brook Street Pottery